Scoville Constant Recording

Recording Studio Services and Electronic Instruction

Scoville Constant Recording offers full service Recording and Mastering services from those who rely on music as a profession to those who have decided to make the plunge and have their own songs professionally produced.  Scoville Recording staff know how to bring the very best out of each client during the recording process. 

In addition to Recording services, Scoville Constant Recording also provides the following:

  • Vocal Accompaniment
  • Building custom Microphone Preamps for end users (Seventh Circle Audio - Five Fish- etc..)
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Electronics assembly instruction and technique for those who wish to build their own high end audio equipment...Come on over and we'll build your first one together! or we'll build 'em for you!  You'll save a boatload of $$ and you can impress your friends and clients!  Not sure, come hear for yourself before doing a DIY.  We build and use Seventh Circle Audio preamps, and they're incredible!
  • Audio Restoration
  • Transfer vinyl and/or tape to CD
  • Analog to Digital two track mastering (customer provides the recorded analog reels)
  • Band Demo's
  • Professionally recorded CD's for bands/groups.  Mastering services available.
  • Alesis Adat tape to customer specified digital format
  • Recording Instruction and Micing Technique

Here's a guitar amplifier we have recently modded.  This is a Soldano amplifier with the Warren Haynes modification.  All modifications to our amps are manufacturer approved.  I recently spoke to Mike Soldano of Soldano Amplification when modifying this amp.