Scoville Constant Recording

Cost Structure and Frequently Asked Questions

Scoville Recording is tailored to the musician or group whose budget is limited.  Because we have very low overhead costs here at Scoville Constant Recording, we are able to provide professional services at a much lower cost to the client than many larger facilities.  We ask that you consider Scoville Recording for our audio and production quality that rivals many large recording studios.  At Scoville Recording, we value each and every client.  So much so, that we give a 100% production fee guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the final product.


Hourly Studio Time.....................$30.00/Hr - Or flat fee of $300.00 for full 12-hour day of recording

Demo Cost (Our mix): $150.00 per song; 1/2 fees due at time of recording

CD Cost (Our mix):  $250.00 per song; cost includes recording time. 1/2 fees due at time of recording

Tracking and Reamp Services available 



We Record, You Mix!

Please consider recording your tracks here, then mixing in the comfort of your own home DAW!  This would fall under the $300.00 setup fee (setup occurs prior to client arrival)  So basically, for $300.00 there will be no hourly charge.  Each song recorded will incur a $25.00 transfer fee for files.  This may or may not be the same day depending on how we all feel at the end of the recording session!  5 separate takes of one song is considered one song and would be $25.00 for all versions for transfer cost.


Demo Basic Services:

  • Recording tracks through high quality Mic's, preamps and converters
  • Basic mixing of tracks with EQ and bus effects and analog outboard gear
  • 2-track levels set with no mastering, however,leveling and 2-bus compression is standard
  • Five CD copies are given to client at end of Demo  



CD Mixdown Services.....................Cost is on a per song basis,  Please see cost above

CD Cost Example:  If we agree on a 10 song CD @$250.00/song, this would incur a cost of $2,500.00 (10 songs @ $250.00/song), this price does not include recording time fees.  We include in-house mastering services with each CD package.  Package pricing is negotiable for large projects!   Please note, our costs are VERY competitive for the quality we attain!  We nearly give it away!  Plus, it's satisfaction guaranteed! 


A CD matching our quality will cost two to eight times as much depending on where you record and mix! - Why less cost?  Because we have virtually no overhead and everything is owned outright.


Five(5) Master CD's or media of choice will be given at the end of the project.  CD Duplication is not offered, however, Scoville Recording will be more than happy to recommend an affordable CD duplicator service.



Q:  What's the difference between a Demo and a CD at Scoville Constant?

A:  A Demo is just that.  It is recording using the same quality Mic's, preamps and converters as the CD, however, the mixdown is more basic without alot of editing and production techniques.  The band or group is captured as a live performance and reflects what the band or group will sound like in a live gig setting.  It will be similar to a live gig demo, only better quality.


A full blown CD is using the high quality Mic's, preamps, direct in's and converters to capture the performance.  Then, the project becomes much more involved, as described below:

  • High quality analog outboard gear for signal processing is incorporated, A.K.A., Hybrid Summing setup where a combined ITB and Outside The Box (OTB) toolset is available using a combination of digital plugins and analog outboard gear and summing amplifiers.  By doing so, the mixing engineer now has both digital and analog tools to work with.
  • If applicable, reamping is incorporated for instrument tracks to compliment original instrument tracks (reamping is taking a direct instrument signal and sending it back into a high quality amplifier, for example a guitar track into an amp!)
  • Compression and limiting is used per track as required
  • Delay times, reverb and other effects are adjusted for the desired dynamics and tempo of the song
  • Each track is eq'd and panned for the best possible "fit" within the mix
  • Each song is mixed as a separate project for the maximum dynamics and feel (fat and wide for example, if appropriate)  In other words, all songs will have their own mix, i.e. no cookie cutter templates!
  • Each Song is mixed with a dynamic that is designed for the listeners pleasure (keep it interesting)
  • Each song (project) total level is consistent and at radio play levels
  • Each song is mastered in-house using a combination of high quality computer based  mastering software and analog outboard gear.  The mastering phase is where the song order and details of how the songs might lead into one another, as well as two buss EQ, compression and limiting/leveling may take place.  In the event you wish to use outside mastering facilities, this is the responsibility of the artist not scoville recording.
  • The engineer is "all ears" to any suggestions from the client, in fact, we love to meet your requests!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.  If you don't like it, you don't pay for it!  An example of this would be for us to mix one song of your choosing.  If you like the direction we are headed, we will agree to the entire CD.  If you don't, then the project ends at that point and you owe no additional fees other than the initial recording fees (which you would have already paid for).  You also would receive a copy of the recorded tracks for your use.    
  • We're not too proud to force anyone into our final product, although we have the skills and experience necessary to deliver a great mixdown, we hold a value set that is understanding of every client's expectations that only they know.  This being said, mixing is the single most important aspect after quality tracks have been recorded to medium.  We here at Scoville Recording will do everything in our arsenal to create the best possible mix with your tracks!                                                       


Five(5) Master CD's or media of choice will be given at the end of the project.  CD Duplication is not offered, however, Scoville Recording will be more than happy to recommend an affordable CD duplicator service. 


What is a typical Recording session like?


Described below is a typical recording session for a four piece band with two additional vocalists

Arrive and set up........................................................1.5 hours

Tuning and getting to know the staff..........................1/2 hour

Micing instruments and evaluating effectiveness........2 hours

Recording first performance and having a listen in......20 minutes

Total Recording process..............................................Varies

Scoville highly recommends recording all instruments live.  However, vocals and overdubs are typically recorded after tracking the music.  The purpose for this "live" recording process is to capture the spontaneity and vibe of the group.  Piecemeal recording (each person records separately) is very inefficient and tends to "feel" sterile while adding additional hourly costs.  Regarding setup, vocal and instrument micing/preamp choice, technique and signal chain are the quintessential ingredients in making a great recording, we feel confident you will enjoy the process as we fine tune the best possible input signal. 

What happens after the Recording Session ends?


After the recording session ends, our engineers will go right to work in building the final product for you to review.  The agreement reached between Scoville Recording and the Client will define the final product review process.  This sometimes will be limited to a final product being issued immediately to the Client and other times will involve a review period for the Client to digest and offer opinions on levels, eq's etc...for CD projects


After reviewing and making notes, the Client and engineer will meet again to continue the fine tuning process.  This sometime may take several sessions, but we at Scoville Recording are very fair fee wise during this period.  The main goal for us is for you to be satisfied with the final product.


Satisfaction Guarantee!!! 

I'm All In!