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Scoville Constant Recording Policies and information!


The following some rules and information that we think you would like to know prior to recording at or contacting our facility.  Their not intended to be shrewd, just a heads up for what we are about and what to expect when you are here.

  1. This is a family oriented business where we welcome those who are respectful and appreciate respect in return.  
  2. Please have fun when you are here, it's the rule!
  3. God and prayer are welcome at all times!
  4. Families are welcome - In fact, we encourage you to bring your friends and family for support if you choose to do so, however, this is not a place to get "wild and crazy".
  5. This is a non-smoking facility.
  6. We have restroom accommodation, WIFI connection and a refrigerator.  If any special needs are required, please inform us and we will be glad to provide what we can for you. 
  7. The ability to climb stairs is a requirement since we do not offer an elevator. 
  8. We do not carry cash-on-hand, so change cannot be made
  9. The studio is in a basement, we use dehumidification and climate control year 'round, however, if you have ailments to damp conditions (damp conditions are extremely rare, but possible) please take this into consideration
  10. It's your dime, therefore, you provide your own producer.  We will be happy to offer any arrangement or production ideas at no additional charge, however, out of respect, we normally refrain from this unless asked.
  11. Scoville Constant Recording reserves the right to refuse service to any individual or individuals at our discretion.  We also reserve the right to end any sessions at our discretion without prior notice and at any time for any reason.  Although this has never happened, we feel it is necessary to post this onto our website policies page. 
  12. We may ask to review and enter into a contract between Scoville Constant Recording and the Client (if applicable or requested). 
  13. Our policy prohibits others from mixing on our equipment for liability reasons.  if you have a special request regarding this, please inquire at 804-443-7748 and ask for John!
  14. All clients will receive copies of the individual recorded tracks for their future use, however, the client is responsible for keeping all master recordings as we do not archive ALL projects.  We do however, keep backup copies for a few years after the initial recording.
  15. Satisfaction guarantee only applies prior to receiving product from Scoville Constant Recording.  Basically, if the client leaves our facility with the recorded product, this is considered a contractual agreement and payment is due to Scoville Constant Recording.

Studio Layout


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