Scoville Constant Recording

Reference Monitors:
JBL SLR6328-P  (Nearfield)

JBL 4206 Passive Reference

Monitors (Nearfield)

Console and DAW:

♦ Studiomaster 32 Channel  analog 8-bus Console

(Burr-Brown modded)

♦ SSL Alpha Link SX

♦ Lynx Aurora Converters

♦ Motu Converters 
♦ Creation Station DAW(s)
♦ Nuendo 5 Production
Eventide Omnipressor
♦ UAD Quad
♦ UAD Plugins
♦ Waves Native Plugins
 Waves Platinum Bundle
♦ Waves SSL 4000 Bundle
 Waves Mulitmaximizer
♦ Waves API Bundle
♦ Waves Classic CLA
   Compressor Bundle
 Extensive IR  Library
♦ Waves Pie Compressor

♦ Waves Center Plugin

♦ Waves REDD Abbey Roads Console Plugin
♦ Softube Summit Audio
  Grand Channel
♦ Soundtoys Native Bundle
♦ Soundtoys Devil Loc Deluxe
♦ Toontracks (for drums and percussion)
♦ Cubase 6 Production
♦ Cubase 7 Production
♦ Celemony Pitch              Correction Software
♦ Voc-align Software for
   aligning vocals
♦ SLate Digital VCC
 SLate Digital FG-X
   Mastering Processor
♦ Slate Digital Trigger
♦ IK Multimedia ARC 2
 IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX
♦ Convolution Reverbs
♦ Wavelab 7 Mastering Suite

♦ Hear Technologies  Hearback                 Headphone Distribution Center

♦Alesis Adat 16/20 Recorders
Much More........

Analog Recording Gear

♦ TEAC 80-8 8-Track Reel-to-Reel Recorder- Qty 2

♦ TEAC A3300SX - 2 Track Master

♦ Sony - 2 Track Master


Scoville Recording has quality instruments for recording during  sessions.

Please inquire if an instrument is required.  Any guitars used will be fitted with a fresh set of strings.  Please inquire prior to session so we can get new drum heads or strings on the instruments.

-Gibson Les Paul (limited access)

-Gibson SG

-ES 335 copy by Ibanez

-Fender Stratocaster(s)

-Fender Telecaster

-Carvin DC135

-Fender Squire Esprit

-Larrivee Drednaught Cutaway (Acoustic/Electric)

-Alvarez Acoustic Guitar

-Hamer USA Made Electric

-Fender Precision Bass

-Godin LGXT Synth Gtr

-Roland GR-20 and GR-55 Guitar Synth's

Much more.......



♣ Scoville Recording has an in-house set of drums inside an isolated drum room for client if needed. 

♣ The snare drum of choice (Pork Pie, Pearl, DW) will be fitted with a fresh  Remo Ambassador drum head for recording.  In the event you prefer your own accessories with our kit..... Don't forget to bring your cymbals etc!!!

Scoville Recording uses the following gear:

Mic's - Totalling 50+ Mic's

Neumann TLM103 Large Condenser Mic

Neumann KM184 Condenser Mic's

Rode NT5 Condenser Mic's

Mojave Audio MA 200 Large Condenser Mic

Royer R122 Ribbon Mic

Cascades Fat Head Stereo Blumlein Pair Ribbon Mic's

Crown CM700 Condenser Mic's

Sennheiser MD421 Cardoid Mic's

Sennheiser U441 Microphone

Shure SM57 Mic's

Shure SM58 Mic's

Shure Beta57 Mic's

Shure Beta 52 Mic

Audix F700 Mic's

Audix D6 Mic's

CAD M179 Mic's

Audio Technica 4060 Large Condenser Mic

Audio Technica 3035 Large Condenser Mic's

Audio Technica ATM25 Hyper Cardoid Mic's

Audio Technica ATM23 Hyper Cardoid Mic's

Alesis Groove Tube AM62 Large Condenser Mic (Multi-Pattern)

Studio Projects B3 large Condenser Mic (Multi-Pattern)

AKG Night Blues Dynamic Mic

Audio Technica Small Diaphram Condenser Mic

Many more...... 

Guitar Amplifiers:

Soldano SLO 100 Watt Tube Amplifier Head and 4x12 cabinet

Peavey 5150 Cabinet

Mesa Boogie MarkIII Combo Amplifier

Vox AC30 2-12 Combo Amplifier

Fender Blues Junior 15 Watt Tube Amp

Fender 1965 Twin Reverb (original Blackface Circuitry) Tube Guitar Amp

Yamaha G212 Solid State Amplifier

Peavey TKO Bass Amplifier

Re-amp Services through any of our amp of choice

Jet City 5212AC 50-Watt combo Amp

Peavey 5150 Combo Amp

Peavey Classic Chorus 212

Outboard Gear and Preamp(s)

It's interesting to see the country of origin on the equipment we use.  As you will see, the majority of our equipment comes from our Great country of USA where God, country and family reign free within Her! - Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

Eventide Orville Ultra Harmonizer (USA)

DBX 166A Compressor(5) (USA)

Alan Smart C1LA Mixbus/Stereo Compressor (UK)

TK Audio BC1-S MKII Stereo Buss Compressor (Sweden)

Drawmer 1978 Stereo Buss Compressor (UK)

Universal Audio 6176 Channel Strip (USA)

Universal Audio 4-710D Preamps and Dynamics (USA/China)

Emperical Labs Distressor(s) (USA)

DBX 160Sl Compressor/Limiter (USA)

DBX Quantum Mastering Processor (USA)

FMR Audio PBC-6A Compressor/Limiter (2)  (USA)

MOTU A/D Converters (USA/China)

Lynx Aurora A/D Converters (USA)

SSL Alpha Link SX Converters (USA)

Dangerous Music D-Box Monitor Solution and Analog Summing Amplifier (USA)

Dangerous Music 2-Bul LT Summing Amplifier (Hybrid Setup) (USA)

Alesis Effects Processors (USA/China)

T.C. Electronic Effects Processors (USA/China) 

BBE Multi-Maximizer (USA/China) 

DBX 586 Dual Tube Preamp (USA)

Seventh Circle Audio N72's (3) - Neve Clones (USA - British Vintage)

Seventh Circle Audio A12's (3) - API Clones (USA)

Seventh Circle Audio J99  - Jensen Twin Servo Design (USA)

Seventh Circle Audio C84 (USA)

Seventh Circle Audio T-15's (8) USA

Rupert Neve Designs 511 Preamps (USA)

JDK Audio R24 Dual Equalizer

Studio Master Burr Brown Modded Console Preamps (Qty. 32 - United Kingdon))

A-Designs REDDI Direct Box (USA)

Littlelabs Red Eye 3D Direct/Reamp Box (USA)

Radial JDI Direct Boxes (Canada)

Radial Re-amp Box (Canada)

Behringer DI-8000 DI Racks (Germany/China)

Whirlwind Direct Boxes (USA)

Behringer 8024 Programmable/Retentative Equalizer

Peavey Trans-Tube Effects Processor (USA)

Bellari RP-220 Preamps (USA)

Rocktron Intellifex Guitar Mulit-Effects (USA)

TC Electronic GMajor-2 Guitar Mulit-Effects Processor (CHINA)

Alesis Quadraverb

Alesis Quadraverb 2

Whirlwind Madusa Snakes (USA)

Much More.........

Headphones and Monitoring:

Hearback Technologies Hearback System

Each member has their own headphone mixer giving them complete control over thier headphone mix!

We use ATH-M20's, ATH-M30's, ATH-M40fs', ATH-M50's, and Xtreme Isolation Headphones. Attention Drummers, if you prefer, bring your own if you like, or just use ours (Xtreme Isolation).  

Studio Power

Scoville Constant Recording uses a balanced power system by Equi-Tech.  A balanced power system is similar to a balanced microphone cable in that utility provider electrical noise transients are "canceled out".  This means very clean power!  As a result, the noise floor is much lower compared to conventional non-separately derived studio power systems.  If your equipment normally makes alot of noise, it may be your power source.  Our console is mid-grade at best, but since using this balanced power, the noise floor dropped so far, we dare you to detect a hint of noise will all faders and main fader wide open......Simply amazing!  Prior to balanced power, it was very noticeable.