Scoville Constant Recording

Shown to the right are pictures of the Scoville Constant Recording Control Room.  Although smaller than many large recording facilities, we think you'll be very pleased with the clarity and punch of the recorded audio we attain through the acoustic design and high end equipment. 

The room has been designed to produce a relatively flat frequency response required for proper mixing.  This allows our engineers the confidence necessary when producing high quality audio tracking and mixing.  The purpose for a flat frequency response when mixing is to remove any "color" added to the mix by the room. 

Our Control room has viewing access to the Drum/Percussion Room (right window) and Studio Room 1 - Live Room (left window).  Scoville Recording has a total of seven (7) rooms, Control Room, Drum Room, Studio room 1, Studio Room 2, Vocal Room, two (2) Amp rooms and a Lounge area (under construction).

If you haven't noticed by the photos here, the term Scoville is the "measure of the hotness of a chile pepper"!  All who enter are welcome to study the chile pepper theming posted throughout the studio and control room. 

Scoville Scale is a measure of the hotness of a chile pepper

Quaint and Functional!


Below are photos of our Control Room.  Simply put, it's quaint and functional!  Pristine studio's have their place, however, we like to think of ourselves as the Community College of Recording, we offer more for less!  We proudly offer a total satisfaction guarantee agreement.  We consider ourselves fortunate that "time is money" is NOT a necessary motivation.  Our fortunes are vested in your satisfaction! 

Scoville Constant Recording Control Room - More photos of studio coming!

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Scoville Recording!!