Scoville Constant Recording

Who is Scoville Recording and why Record here?


Thanks for visiting!  Let us Introduce Ourselves:

Scoville Recording is an independent recording facility located near Tappahannock, Virginia.  As an employee owned home based business, Scoville Recording offers the client a relaxed environment allowing one's creativity to thrive.  The client will find the staff at Scoville Recording to be exceptionally friendly and warm. 


Our staff is very knowledgeable in the process of capturing your live studio performance and bring it to life!  Scoville Recording proudly offers a satisfaction guarantee!  If you're not satisfied with the engineered product, then you pay nothing!!  How many other Studio's have the confidence to offer this!  Unfortunately, this does not apply if the dissatisfaction resides in the musicianship, the band/group breaks up before final mix, etc...  Details of this guarantee will be discussed during the initial contract setup between the Parties.


Why Record at Scoville Constant?

Bands like Aerosmith, Boston, Foo Fighters, Blink 182, STP, Lenny Kravitz, Sarah McLachlan Bruce Springsteen and many more.....have had huge hits from home studios.  Unfortunately, none were in our studio!  However, our equipment and rooms produce audio tracks that rival many large studios. If you're looking for a great product at a very reasonable out of pocket cost, then come on in!  We'll provide that for you.  We've never won a Grammy.  That actually is not important to us.  What we have won are satisfied clients who's music and projects are award winning to all involved!   


Why did we choose to build a studio in Our home?

Why not!......We could build a separate complex, but there's no reason for this since our home is large enough for a family and a 1,600 square foot recording studio!  There's no comfort like a home setting to record in, case in point, huge studios choose a "home" feel for their rooms.  You will feel very comfortable here, and no "rushed" feeling as in many commercial studios.  Secondly, due to technological advances in the recording industry, hundreds of studios have moved from the large high overhead complexes to the comfort of the home.  Our recording gear rivals many Pro audio recording facilities!  Please see our "Gear" page to review our current gear list!

Scoville Recording R-O-C-K-S!!